Fast acting doors for food industry

Hall 5 stand E6, we are glad to show you part of our range of high performance doors dedicated to food processes - all of them enhanced with the Intelligent Curtain®.
On each access, the Intelligent Curtain® opens at the last moment without posing a risk if touched, then closes again at the same speed - twice as fast as traditional doors - without endangering users or packages. It therefore reduces accidents and production stoppages, but by shortening the time it is open, it also reduces energy consumption and the risks of airborne contamination.
And if you haven't found time to vist us at CFIA, you'll still have another chance in April to see Nergeco doors in action at our partner's stand at Birmingham during the FOODEX (18-20 April).
  CFIA Rennes, a preview of FOODEX Birmingham

CFIA 2016 in Rennes has started. Held at Parc des Expositions in Rennes, this event is the a key international trade fair for the food-processing industry and a global platform where manufacturers and suppliers can discuss business and push the sector forward.  CFIA welcomes over 16,000 trade visitors and 1,300 exhibitors, divided into three main categories - Ingredients & Processed foods, Equipment & Processes and Packing & Conditioning.

Fast acting Nergeco doors at CFIA Rennes



Nergeco Scandinavia at Euro Expo fair in Skellefteå

The 16th and 17th of April, our Scandinavian subsidiary attended the Euro Expo fair in Skellefteå up north in Sweden. As we have landed quite a lot of projects in this part of the country during the last two years, we felt it was time for us to show our products to more Skellefteå companies.
It turned out to be a success at the fair and we got a lot of interesting new leads coming from this dynamic area.
We will soon show up again to Skellefteå to install 11 big Trekking Enduro high speed doors at the new recycling-plant Degermyra.

Nergeco high speed doors at recycling plant
  Industrial high speed doors

Same kind of installation of 16 high performance doors in a recycling plant

Same kind of installation of 16 Enduro Trekking high performance doors in a recycling plant in France.


ASSA ABLOY acquires control of Nergeco SA in France

ASSA ABLOY, ABLOY, through its subsidiary, ASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems France SAS, has completed an off market acquisition of 614,408 shares of the French company Nergeco SA from Croissance Nergeco SA and certain minority shareholders. Nergeco SA is one of the leading high-performance door companies in France. The acquired shares represent 87.77% of the share capital and voting rights of Nergeco SA and were purchased for a total purchase price amount of 23,184,661.30 euros, which results in a purchase price per share of 37.7350 euros. The per share purchase price is subject to adjustment on the basis of the net debt of the company pursuant to the terms of the share purchase agreement entered into between ASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems France SAS and Croissance Nergeco SA on 16 October 2015 (the “Share Purchase Price Adjustment”).

Pursuant to the acquisition of the 87.77% majority block of shares of Nergeco SA and according to applicable regulations, a simplified tender offer (offre publique d’achat simplifiée – OPAS, the “Offer”) will be filed with the French Financial Market Authority (AMF) shortly thereafter by Banque Neuflize OBC on behalf of ASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems France SAS for a purchase price per share still to be determined in accordance with the Share Purchase Price Adjustment. The envisaged Offer is conditional upon the authorization by the AMF.

ASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems France SAS will file with the AMF and make available to the public a draft offer information note (projet de note d’information) which will provide detailed information on the Offer. In addition, Nergeco SA will file a draft response note (projet de note en réponse) in which its Board of Directors will render an opinion for the benefit of Nergeco SA, its employees and its shareholders on the merits of the Offer, which note will also be filed with the AMF and made available to the public. This draft response note will include an independent expert report from Ricol Lasteyrie & Associés on the fairness of the financial terms and conditions of the Offer.

It is indicated that, within 3 months of the closure of the Offer, ASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems France SAS reserves the possibility, to the extent the minority interests represent less than 5% of the share capital or voting rights of the company, to pursue a squeeze-out (retrait obligatoire – RO) (followed by a delisting) providing for an indemnification of the minority shareholders.
  Assa Abloy acquires Nergeco

"I am very pleased that Nergeco is joining the ASSA ABLOY Group. I welcome this addition
that further reinforces the ASSA ABLOY Group´s leadership in entrance automation,
growing from SEK 3 billion in 2008 to more than SEK 15 billion proforma in 2014
", says Johan Molin, President and CEO of ASSA ABLOY.

"Nergeco’s market position, competence and product offering is a strong addition to our
current portfolio of high-performance doors, and an important step for us in the French
", says Juan Vargues, Executive Vice President of ASSA ABLOY  and Head of Division
Entrance Systems

Nergeco SA has requested a trading suspension of its shares from Euronext Paris as of
Friday October 16, 2015 through Monday October 19, 2015.

Nergeco’s sales for 2015 are expected to reach EUR 35 million (approx. SEK 325 million)
with a good EBIT margin. The acquisition will be accretive to EPS from start.
Nergeco was established in 1981 and has some 150 employees. The head office and
factories are located in Dunières, France.



The first NZ Multi-Composite High Speed Doors Re-Visited

Our partner in New-Zealand for fast acting doors, Acedoors, installed his first multi-composite speed doors in 2007 at the new Bidvest Fresh facility in Avondale, Auckland. Since then Acedoors have installed many more Multi-composite doors. Acedoors asked Bidvest what they think of the doors a few years later.

The doors, made for 3.6m high x 2.4m wide clear openings, were supplied with the DR60 sealing kits option to meet the design requirements of the consultant. Acedoors were able to supply independent lab test data showing the leakage rates at various positive and negative pressures. The service logs show that the doors perform approximately 100-115 cycles per day, and have no reliability issues, despite being hit on occasion.

Chris Simpson, Bidvest's Operations Manager writes: "Our new distribution centre was designed to operate at a temperature of +5°C and need a reliable fast acting door that could maintain the temperature and not impede the traffic flow."
"We found that new Nergeco Star 5 Labo 5 high speed doors have more than met our needs, easily maintaining the required temperature and traffic flow.
It also has the added advantage over other doors in that it constructed out of a Mulitcomposite material as opposed to steel, giving it a better seal between the legs and the curtain, can be washed down and is corrosion proof.
I am extremely happy with the Nergeco Star 5 Labo and the excellent after sales service we receive from Acedoor Systems Ltd."

Bidvest, the leading national broadline foodservice products distributor in New Zealand
  Fast acting doors at Bidvest facility in New-Zealand

Bidvest is the largest food distributor in New Zealand. With over 1000 staff and 300 trucks, they operate specialist temperature controlled distribution facilities nationwide to service the commercial food industry.
Food safety is paramount to Bidvest, so temperature control within their facilities is critical to the operation.

Acedoors, our fast acting doors partner in NZ

Acedoors staff, during their recent visit at Nergeco's Headquarter.

More testimonials about Acedoors fast acting doors installations ?



­NERGECO equips the Intermarché Grand Sud platform (Le Moniteur 3/04/2015)

The second phase in the implementation of the Intermarché Grand Sud logistics platform at Montbartier in France has been completed with refinements being made to the initial technical choices.
The basic plan by ITM of Montbartier now forms a huge "H" made up of the first phase which inaugurated the urban development zone, intended for grocery products and general merchandise and to which a fresh and frozen products base has been recently added. The first phase, delivered in 2011 covered 50,000 m2, the second brings this total to 90,000 m2. GSE has directed the design and construction with the aim of processing 50 million fresh, fruit and vegetable and frozen packages per year, and supplying all sales outlets of the "Mousquetaires" in the Midi-Pyrénées region, while complying with the High Environmental Quality standards. A technical challenge to reconcile the overall cost of investment and operation with environmental stakes while at the same time carrying out intense logistical flows between controlled temperatures of -25°C and 7°C and the outside.
The design principle chosen was that of the double wall: in the centre two freezer units of 2,900 m2 each along with the fresh and chilled product areas are insulated from the external skin by air locks, gas loading areas and movement areas opening onto the packaging section of 12,000 m2 incorporating a mechanised sorter. Initially, the insulation between these various units operating at separate temperatures and relative humidities was to be handled by a combination of high-speed flexible doors with composite frames, air curtains and automatic isothermal sliding doors. After a start-up entrusted to the
STEF Group, the specific nature of the intensive logistics between different cold areas and positive ambient temperatures drove those involved to look to a single supplier of high-speed flexible doors offering a range able to cover the multiple configurations on the site. It was thus that Nergeco, selected from the start for the mechanical performance and corrosion resistance of its composite-framed flexible doors, was chosen both for this application and also for the replacement of other solutions in order to sustain the ambitious targets of the Intermarché platform.

A door for each configuration
"Four of our ranges are installed in this ITM base" explain David Bernal, Nergeco's UK sales area manager. "Our large Star folding Productivity Doors protect the building from the outside. Doors from the multi-composite framed Agro range in the positive ambient temperature environment for fruit and vegetable have been chosen for their corrosion resistance. At the heart of the cold chain a number of Frigo doors itted with flexible curtains with one, two or three walls depending on the refrigerated areas they need to separate have been installed. Lastly, two of the new Enduro 5 have been installed to divide the building between dry and fresh products". This amounts in total to 27 Nergeco flexible doors which provide tailor-made insulation and enable traffic to move safely and quickly.

  Portes automatiques rapides Nergeco sur la plateforme logistique Intermarché

The art of keeping a material flexible at low negative temperatures
The technology used on these flexible refrigeration doors is especially stressed between negative and positive temperatures. In this situation, the risk of condensation followed by icing up each time they are opened or closed prohibits the use of roller doors which would just stick to themselves. The Nergeco doors used between positive and negative ambient temperatures are therefore of the double- or triple- flexible PVC-walled folding type sealing in a rot-proof insulator which accommodates one to two air blankets. The assembly process and the way the flexible characteristics of the materials are maintained in freezing temperatures is a trade secret of the French brand which has become over 35 years the worldwide technological leader for high-speed flexible doors under strategic conditions.
"The cold chain perfectly illustrates our know-how," Denis Roche, Nergeco's export manager told us. "We are always keen on resolving our customers' most difficult problems whether in refrigeration, large industry, clean rooms, agri-foodstuffs, areas accessible to the public, etc. We could have contented ourselves with just producing standard products and trying to sell them to everyone, but without our desire to provide the insulation/access solution best suited to every business, every process, every building, even our most demanding customers could not have driven us to be present, as we are now, in ninety-four countries…".

Porte isotherme rapide Star 5 Frigo 3

Between -25°C and 1°C, the Star 5 Frigo 3 with triple skin and multi-composite frame reduces air exchanges with the air lock at each access by combining high-speed opening and closing operations with a double detection system which only opens to the height required by the handling equipment.



We want to Thank all of you, especially those coming from abroad, visiting our booth at the SIAL Show 2014 in Paris!
The Show was a success and we appreciate you taking precious time to come discover our novelties within the 17.000 innovations competing during SIAL 2014. We were glad to show you the new Enduro 5 Trekking completing our range of high performance doors dedicated to food processes - all of them enhanced with the Intelligent Curtain®. On each access, the Intelligent Curtain® opens at the last moment without posing a risk if touched, then closes again at the same speed - twice as fast as traditional doors - without endangering users or packages. It therefore reduces accidents and production stoppages, but by shortening the time it is open, it also reduces energy consumption and the risks of airborne contamination.
We hope to see you in the near future, and help you lead your projects with success.
  The food companies in search of innovations at SIAL 2014

Nergeco's high speed doors booth at SIAL 2014



“The opening and closing cycle is made twice as fast as it is made by standard doors. This permits to reduce the exposure time by 50%” - L’Usine Nouvelle

High performance doors




DDL Equipment Managing Director Andrew Stewart talks about Nergeco Productivity doors in South Africa

"The new Nergeco extreme condition door is suitable for materials handling applications, including the rapid movement of materials in and out of mines. These production doors are also used to keep dust, created by extreme wind forces and climatic conditions, from blowing into production or processing areas, vehicle maintenance workshops and contaminating materials being conveyed by conveyor belts and haul truck" says DDL MD Andrew Stewart about the industrial doors they chose to install at their customer's sites.
Read more about DDL high performance doors at Electra Mining - South Africa
  Watch the video !

Nergeco high-speed doors in South Africa



The cheese exhibition of Switzerland

Last February 25 and 26 Nergeco displayed their high speed doors in the Cheese Exhibition in the region of Gruyère, Switzerland. Many visitors did appreciate the Star 5 Agro Productivity Door for its real simplicity in the cleaning process. It is even possible to have direct access to the rolling rod itself to wash it. Its multicomposite materials make this high speed door more resistant to corrosion than stainless steel.
Multicomposite drum of Nergeco high speed doors for food industry
  Nergeco - Salon de la Fromagerie - Bulle - Switzland

Find out about our whole Agro range.



Large dimensions and extreme conditions: the mines of South America

Overhead crane flexible door

Recently, one of our high speed doors distributors in Latin America had the opportunity to present its products for the mining industry at a show considered the most important event of the mining sector throughout Latin America.
Visitors were able to discover the products and solutions that have made our distributor one of the major specialist to equip the South America largest mines with flexible doors.
These products are recognized by customers as the most technologically advanced and well designed to operate in heavy duty, high altitude, large wind loads in freezing temperatures, weight of snow and corrosive environment. This, with a quick installation, the minimum of effort on the building, low and easy maintenance, and a still further security.
Congratulations to our Partner Nergeco in Chile, REFRICENTRO.

Nergeco High Performance Door
  Nergeco doors in Expomin_Santiago_Chile

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Star Forum for emergency exits

  After close examination, the Central Security Commission of France has agreed that these new Star Forum called "Emergency Exit" can be installed in front of the regulated emergency exits. Find out about the Star Forum for emergency exits adapted to your trade…



Nergeco equipped the Naval Air Station of Hyères

Taking part of the infrastructure upgrade of the Naval Air Station of Hyères which welcomes the new Cayman NH90 helicopters, Nergeco has equipped huge sheds facing the sea with a real wall of more than 560 m2 made of its fast acting doors.

Fast acting doors for helicopters Naval Air station
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